A Moment with the Mayor: Other roles as mayor

As you read the title of this article, you may wonder, does the mayor have the ability to conduct ma...

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As you read the title of this article, you may wonder, does the mayor have the ability to conduct marriages, resolve legal matters, or direct traffic on a bad day? I can tell you that only marriage commissioners appointed by the respective provinces can marry people; lawyers and judges are our go-tos to assist in legal affairs; the only way that I will be out directing traffic is if I happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and someone needs a hand. 

As members of city council, we all strive to advocate for our city for our needs with the federal and provincial governments. We also work with our neighbouring rural and urban municipalities to benefit all the residents in the area. This advocating for our community occurs whenever possible with our respective MLAs, cabinet ministers, premiers and the opposition parties in both provinces. These meetings cover a variety of topics, from grant applications to provincial legislation challenges and opportunities to simply explain the intricacies of our bi-provincial city. We explain how working collaboratively with the neighbouring province can be beneficial both economically and functionally for the residents and businesses of Lloydminster and both provinces.

A challenge we continually face is the issues created by the federal/provincial grant programs, as each program differs in each province. Working together with the Chamber of Commerce and others are ways that we can help remove barriers and tackle the obstacles to attaining funding and meeting our needs here.

Additionally, our community works with both provincial municipal associations, Alberta Municipalities and SUMA, to advocate collectively with the other urban municipalities at both a provincial and federal level to help raise issues we share and raise our collective voice to the premiers, ministers and the bureaucracy.

We as a community have memberships in smaller regional groups and associations to ensure we work together and share ideas and information which is beneficial for our area and region. Such organizations include the Vermilion River Regional Alliance, the Alberta Information HUB and Northeast Regional Economic Development Authority.

Most recently, I had the pleasure of attending meetings of the Northeast Mayors, Reeves and Indigenous Leaders Caucus, who are working diligently to raise awareness of the poor condition of the highways in Northeast Alberta, the economic corridor for oil, gas and agriculture. Working with an excellent group of elected officials on many fronts is rewarding and beneficial for all.

Mayor Gerald S. Aalbers
City of Lloydminster

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