Recently, the City of Martensville hosted the Martensville Business Expo, a local tradeshow that hig...

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The City of Martensville is the fastest growing city in Western Canada. Situated north of Saskatoon, Martensville is an emerging community that is a home to nearly 8,000 residents. Offering a combination of rural living and urban amenities, Martensville is an ideal hub for both new residents and commercial investment.

“Martensville has the best of both worlds, where you can enjoy the amenities of a large metro centre while also having the ability to get away from the rush of a large city,” Dillon Shewchuk, Community/Economic Development Manager with the City of Martensville, told The Canadian Business Journal. “When you come to Martensville, it’s peaceful and quiet, it’s safe, and it’s without the high pace.”

Given its growth in recent years, more young families are uprooting for Martensville. As a result, there is an increasing demand for added amenities like retail services and recreational facilities. From an affordability standpoint, there is plenty of new home construction taking place in Martensville, where the average new build is much more affordable than in the neighbouring Saskatoon. Quality of life in Martensville offers expanded recreational opportunities, plenty of open park space, an exceptional sense of community, and close proximity to added amenities in a major urban centre.

Furthermore, it’s no longer just young families moving to Martensville. A variety of small businesses have followed suit, where more and more of those previously operating in Saskatoon have realized the suburban benefits available in Martensville. Formerly seen as a bedroom community, the City of Martensville is now recognized as an attractive service centre and an emerging base for young families and small businesses alike.

“Growing up in Saskatchewan, to me Martensville was another typical small town along the highway. Years later, I came to work in Martensville and I see a big evolution,” Shewchuk explained. “Given the residential growth, people are demanding amenities that are close to home and business is increasing. Martensville is becoming a centre that is more complete and a better place to live.”

Business Opportunities

Recently, the City of Martensville hosted the Martensville Business Expo, a local tradeshow that highlights the economic opportunities available in the community. More than 40 businesses and vendors participated in the event. The Martensville Business Expo returned to the community calendar after a few years of hiatus, a clear indication of the economic activity and opportunities now available in the city. More businesses and added services mean a bright future for Martensville.

“We are seeing that critical mass where businesses are opening here regularly, where Martensville is really growing and is the place to be,” added Kent Muench, Mayor of the City of Martensville. “There is so much opportunity in Martensville. We believe it is a great place for commercial development and investment.

“Martensville is a great opportunity for setting up a business, setting up industry, and it is a great strategic location. We are in a province that is growing and one that values growth. As a city, we value that and we work with businesses to get that investment to move to Martensville. We do everything we can to ensure that it is a positive experience and that their investment is successful.”

Elected as Mayor in 2012, Muench has a vision to bring more industrial and business expansion to Martensville, and an overall goal to foster business development. Martensville has established an attractive platform that champions business success and encourages business growth. Given the population increase of Martensville, the city is attracting greater commercial investment and interest from national chain retailers. The belief is that as one major retailer sets up shop in the community, others will follow.

“Businesses will notice that it works in Martensville and my hope is that in the future when people drive into Martensville they will see a number of large national chains alongside the highway and that we will be in a position of having to find our next segment of commercial land,” Mayor Muench detailed. “In terms of residential, we are already working with developers to expand east with the option to expand west in the future.”

The City of Martensville has developed its corporate strategic plan which estimates another 1,500 to 1,800 new residents in the area over the next five years. From a regional perspective, the expectation is that the population will grow to more than 60,000 people.

“With that, I think you will see a lot more sharing and integration of infrastructure and services. It’s a trend similar to what is seen in Ontario with a number of urban centres with borders touching and where services are shared, or similar to what you see in Edmonton with Sherwood Park,” Shewchuk concluded. “That’s the way we are trending here. Saskatchewan had been almost dormant for 80 years or so and now we are finally seeing the growth here that Ontario and Alberta saw 30 years ago.”

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