City of Melville Grant Funding

City of Melville Grant Funding

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The City of Melville will be accepting applications for the 2023 year for grants to local non-profit organizations.  

Application deadline for funding consideration for the City of Melville 2023 Budget deliberations is April 14, 2023 at 12PM CST.   Applications received after this date will not receive consideration. Applications not accompanied by a complete budget and financial statement as applicable will be considered incomplete and will not be considered by City Council.

The timing of deliberations will be announced at Council’s discretion and will be based on approval of the City’s 2023 budget. Approval of an application may be dependent on the applicant providing receipts for the funding requested. Under this case, grant funding would be the lessor of the receipts provided and the amount approved. 

All requests to the City of Melville for assistance by groups or organizations will be referred to and acted upon as grant requests including all direct requests for cash, advertising, equipment use, labour, facility use, sponsorship, insurance, and all other requests that would incur costs of any nature to the City of Melville. The City of Melville reserves the right to deem costs ineligible for granting purposes.

Please note that due to funding restraints for 2023, any or all applications may be referred to other agencies for funding, but the City will attempt to provide non-monetary grants wherever possible.

If funding is approved, all required documentation before the release of funds can commence must be returned no later than December 30th, 2023 at 4:00PM CST. If the required documentation is not received by this time funding will be forfeited by the applicant. 

This is not an application for funding under the Saskatchewan Lotteries Community Grant Program. Notification will be made separately for applications of that program.

Application forms are available at the City Hall General Office (430 Main St., Melville, SK) or click the link below to be directed to a copy of the application form.

City of Melville Grant Funding Application Form - 2023

City of Melville Grant Funding Application Form - 2023 (Fillable)

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