Exercise Caution and Call In Coyote Sightings

Exercise Caution and Call In Coyote Sightings

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Moose Jaw, SK– The City of Moose Jaw is reminding residents of the Coyote Control Program as sightings may increase with warmer weather returning. Coyotes are losing habitat due to our City’s growth and expanding residential neighbourhoods. In most cases residents are advised to leave coyotes alone and keep a safe distance, but if assistance is needed there a few options available.

Information about coyotes:

  • Attacks on people are very rare, but a domestic pet may fall victim.
  • They’re a benefit to our community by eating mice, rats, gophers and other small rodents.
  • Generally, they’re scared of humans, but could attack if they’re protecting a den or food.

Residents are encouraged to:

  • Not leave food out in your yard
  • Not feed wildlife.
  • Check on small pets often when left outside, and don’t let your cat roam.
  • Clean up dog feces, fallen fruit, garbage, and other food sources like fallen bird seed.

“Coyotes are an important part of our urban environment,” explains Daily Lennox, Parks Supervisor.  “They are valuable for controlling unwanted pests in our open green spaces “.

If you encounter a coyote, make yourself appear big and make noise. Do not run away as they may chase you, back away slowly and move towards a building or public space. If an emergency phone 911, and for non-emergency situations you can report sightings at 306-694-4447.

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