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Food and yard waste disposed of in black carts and at the landfill does not become soil. Landfills b...

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Food and yard waste disposed of in black carts and at the landfill does not become soil. Landfills bury waste without oxygen, so when it is broken down, it turns into leachate (garbage juice) and methane. Leachate pollutes our land and water, and methane is a powerful greenhouse gas that can escape into the atmosphere. Leachate and methane are expensive for the City to manage.

More than half of what we throw in the garbage can go into the green cart. Instead of putting food and yard waste into your black cart, it can be put in the green cart and turned into something useful – compost!

By diverting organic waste away from the landfill, we can delay or even avoid the expense of building a second landfill, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce environmental pollution.

Green Cart Program Fees

Beginning May 2023, a monthly average utility fee of $6.73 for the green cart program will be applied to City utility bills for single-family homes. The fee covers collection, composting, cart maintenance, education programs and program management. More information on billing can be found at

Industrial, commercial and institutional customers, and residents who live in multi-unit homes will not be charged this residential program fee.

The City of Saskatoon provides waste services to all single-family home residents. To fund these services, residents pay a monthly utility rate on their utility bill. Since black cart collection is continuing as biweekly, even in the summer, using your green cart will help to keep your black cart from overfilling. Over half of what was collected in black carts will belong in the new green cart, so you should see a reduction in the amount of garbage in your black cart.

If you are a home composter, you will be pleased to know that food waste like bones, grease and dairy products are now accepted in the green cart, so you can continue with home composting while diverting remaining food waste from the landfill.

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