Humboldt: A City With The Small Town Feel

When living in Humboldt, we have it pretty good here. If you had to write a list of all the great tr...

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Where you live is always important when it comes to making the perfect life for yourself.

When living in Humboldt, we have it pretty good here. If you had to write a list of all the great traits that make up Humboldt, it would stretch all the way from Wakaw to Watrous.

The first great thing about Humboldt is the sense of community. In most cities, people aren't as willing to check up on you and see how you are doing. Whereas Humboldt you can always strike up a conversation with anyone at a restaurant, in the grocery stores, or just on the street.

Humboldt citizen, Brian Grest, puts this into the perfect words by saying, "we have all the amenities of a big city, but we still have the small-town feel."

In a non-COVID world, Humboldt also has some killer events that knock residents off their socks with entertainment and endless activities. Summer Sizzler brings endless opportunities for people of all age groups, while Streetfest gets businesses in downtown Humboldt buzzing. We can't forget about all the amazing sporting events we hold with all the facilities in Humboldt.


Brent Fitzpatrick, executive director of the Humboldt and District Chamber of Commerce shares the business community's point of view by saying, "If you're a resident of Humboldt and area, it really is beautiful country. You've got no end of recreation, great people, and what more could you want."

There is also a variety of events and traits that make Humboldt a one-of-a-kind community to be a part of. You have the water tower that symbolizes the history, the Bronco games that represent pride, and the never-ending support of nonprofit organizations are just a few that Humboldt brings to the table.

A top of all these characteristics, one that stands above them all is the resilience to get through hard times and tragedy. In the span of three years, Humboldt has seen the Broncos accident, COVID-19, and other hardships. Humboldt never fails to huddle together during difficult times.


"I find a lot of inspiration in this community from the spirit of Humboldt. It's so amazing that it inspires me to keep moving forward and to be happy that I'm here," said Humboldt's Mayor, Michael Behiel.

For myself, I've been here for nearly three whole years. As soon as I moved into Humboldt I was welcomed into the community with open arms. I couldn't imagine landing anywhere else in the province.

Hats off to you Humboldt, for being one of the best communities in the province.


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